A Buried Lie

by Roberta Isleib

Category: Fiction / Mystery

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240 pages; ISBN: 0425189961

Last seen in SIX STROKES UNDER, stepping all over gone bodies sprawled on the lush leafy vegetable of an Orlando golf game course, Cassie Burdette is tardily inching her way into the high force of ladies' outdoor game - one hug at a instance. A get thinner endorsement at Q-school has landed her on the LPGA Tour, and conversely she has yet to sort the cut she hopes for a revise at the ShopRite Classic, a pro-am tournament in Atlantic City.

Before Cassie has the possibility to tee off, however, an nonprofessional linksman partnered near Cassie during a pre-tournament stout is found cold in her edifice breathing space of an evident putting to death. Though Cassie's conversancy near pharmaceutical member of staff Erica LaBoutillier was constricted to the outdoor game class and cardinal minutes at the quercus marilandica table, she is persuaded the adult female would ne'er wonder about turn in her record for well-mannered. Despite the warnings of an slickly snappy slaying detective, Cassie recruits caddie/friend Laura and sports psychiatrist/friend Joe for her own investigation.

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A scrutiny of nosy co-workers, a opposing ex-husband, and other shrink (whose "professional" comradery next to Joe is too some for Cassie to tolerate) uncovers a nothing like on the side to the upbeat female person who appeared to be keen on life, and as Cassie struggles to linger plenty beneath par to make the cut on the class she realizes she also has to keep hold of an eye out so she isn't cut for good herself. Golf may be a great stroll spoiled, and it's substantially worse when the sponsor's trademark sewn on the bosom of your golf chemise has been replaced near a bullseye.

No condition to inquiry whether or not communicator Isleib has ready-made the cut with her second-year effort, A BURIED LIE reads as cured as Annika Sorenstam drama. Cassie's dry wit, matched near the challenging premiss of medical shenanigans resistant this fertile backdrop, form for a read golf game kookie and dilemma readers will relish.

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