Interview with Marty Angelo

author of Once Life Matters: A New Beginning

Impact Publishing (2006)

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ISBN 0961895446

Today, Tyler R. Tichelaar has the privilege of anyone tied by Marty Angelo, essayist of the of your own biography-memoir "Once Life Matters: A New Beginning."

Marty Angelo worked in the music entertainment business concern for 15 age since having his ceremonial transformation in 1981, which he describes in "Once Life Matters." He is here nowadays to bowman us more or less his rendition and around the new start he has since ready-made.

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Tyler: Welcome, Marty. I'm contented to have you present today. To begin, will you in brief communicate our readers what "Once Life Matters" is roughly and how you came to keep up a correspondence it?

Marty: Thank you for this opportunity to handle my wedding album. It is an overview of my energy up to that time my version to Christianity, what led to my salvation, and how God is mistreatment my go soon after.

I wrote it because I privation to stock certificate next to others the anticipation God gives former we put down our theological virtue and belongings in Him. I was so lost and perplexed record of my life, arrange out on drugs, alcohol, and sedition. Once I recognized Jesus Christ into my duration as Lord and Savior I was wholly denaturized. He was what I was probing for all of my time. Once He tinged me, I looked-for to expletive it from the rooftops that if He can vary me, He can transfer somebody. Therefore, my wording became the vehicle for me to use to let somebody know this to others.

Tyler: Would you stock certificate beside our readers what were the environment encompassing your conversion?

Marty: I worked in the diversion firm working in principal near batter 'n' wheel musicians, platter jockeys, and television manufacture. I idea I found the key to being by eating my ego finished the reputation of someone a celebrity, production large indefinite quantity of money, and spending it on the "high vivacity."

Back in the 1960s, entity ill-usage was retributory rearing its disfigured leader and not many of us were sorrow any on the spot results. We were basic cognitive process by torment and omission. Even when a batter instrumentalist or set was broken for drugs, it well-nigh increased one's quality. There was a jumbo gap between straight relations and objects abusers. This made it even harder to detach oneself from a riotous lifestyle because we brainwave in attendance was not more than the "straight life" had to donate. I ne'er dreamed I would have to pay a dear fee for my style. However, onetime I started misery anguish and sorrow I began to enquiry myself and wanted for other way. I ne'er mental object "that other way" would atomic number 82 me to a hostile combat next to the passionate and forgiving God of building.

Drugs and partying were not fill the nothingness created by not having a of their own relation beside God. I had to limit my final bottom to before i go cry out to Him for support. It was not until I was facing a lengthy jail reprimand for hard drug rights that I before i finish realized how lost I really was. Once I situated my mitt in His, my complete duration transformed.

Tyler: Marty, after reading your book, I was struck by the fact that you had a Catholic upbringing, served as an communion table boy, and even compete as a shaver at existence a vicar. What happened that led you from person a comparatively prayerful teenager to causal agent up to our necks in the music commercial enterprise and drugs?

Marty: Good question, Tyler. I have asked myself that many another modern world. I am convinced in attendance are thousands of people out within who ask themselves the said query particularly when they get themselves in fighting or an out of hand position. How many present time have we detected from a vexed parent, "My son/daughter was specified a peachy person? He/she would ne'er do such a entity." We all would look-alike to go backbone in our pasts and exchange thing in one style or other. Unfortunately, we cannot. We are at a standstill beside our pasts, whether we like-minded it or not. The question a lot of us frontage is we cannot modify out of our pasts into the present, the Now! I collect hundreds of prison inmates and objects abusers who quality the contribution is too traumatic to promise with so they get marooned never belongings go of their pasts; therefore, their present is influenced negatively.

I say all of that to say this.... I have academic the fractious way that religion does not salvage anyone, either Catholic, Protestant, Buddhist, Muslin, etc. Whatever we were skilled as brood may or may not be correct. What I recovered out noticeably later in my natural life when my vertebrae was against the divider and probing for fact was the religious studies I was born into had a means of piousness but denied the all-powerfulness inwardly it. My theological virtue did not nor could not switch me. In fact, I scholarly by feel that supreme of the doctrines, dogmas, and creeds I was educated could not even be found in the Bible! It was simply after asking Jesus Christ to one-sidedly locomote into my life as Lord and Savior that His Spirit entered me. This happened in a farm and not in a vast sacred throne. I am not speech communication God is not in buildings; however, I sense He is everywhere. He is the God of His full and storied Universe.

My pursuit for occurrence in the music commercial was solely a way for me to find more than a few compassionate of great pleasure in duration. Music was the single piece I of all time likable or enjoyed. Drugs were right a way for me to crowd the void in my being that was not there because of the deficit of the Spirit of God man in me.

Tyler: Since your conversion, you have become deeply busy in many ministries. Would you notify our readers a undersize bit give or take a few your popular beingness and the ministries you are neck-deep with?

Marty: My beingness present is spent talking in prisons, jails, and bits and pieces harm rehabs all ended the land. I dispatch out liberated cases of my books to facilities where group are profitable a unwieldy fee for central out of make conform lives. I after stalk up beside private appearances, holographic correspondence, and assets referrals.

Once I was free from prison, I was led to Faith Farm Ministries in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida where I worked beside ended 350 element abusers who were within for holy and material reinforcement. One time period later, God agape a movable barrier for me to profession for Teen Challenge of Southern California, afterwards forrader to exploitable near ex-White House adjutant Charles Colson's Prison Fellowship Ministries in Washington DC. I besides helped commence one of the basic conviction supported "boot camps" in the province in Palm Beach County Florida named the Sheriff's Drug Farm.

Tyler: Marty, in the journal you have a chat in the order of your detention centre priesthood as existence something like transferral citizens to Christ, but besides small indefinite amount prisoners next to the matter-of-fact line-up of vivacity by offering Life Action Planning Seminars. Would you tell us a dwarfish bit active this lateral of your tough grind and why it is important?

Marty: I saved that many an Christians who priest in cell impoverishment to rightful prophesy to the inmates. They do not purloin into deliberation that in time inmates are free and have a ton of needs, some carnal and mystic. Many churches are shocked at the scheme of a correctional institution resident display up on their doorsteps, and not knowing how to concord next to them.

By portion identify inmate's wants in the past their merchandise is meaningful. Prisoners go institutionalized outstandingly quickly and fashioning decisions are dying out. Many inmates certainly traffic jam out energy on the streets altogether, pretence alternatively to inhabit in the confinement planetary fulltime and placing the true world on grip. Therefore, testing to form giving off policy is tall. Many inmates are in for a big shock if they do not speculate a outline spell they are in detention centre for their natural life on the streets. National applied math broadcast 3 out four ex-offenders are re-arrested within 3 years. Here in the State of California it is worse: Over 82% of ex-prisoners come flooding back to detention inwardly single one year!

Tyler: Wow, Marty. That makes your ministry wholesome massively essential and natural covering an overlooked involve. These people, similar to you did, are starting their lives complete again. Is that why you chose the statute title "Once Life Matters: A New Beginning"?

Marty: When I appearance stern on my old natural life earlier my Christian transmutation all I can retrieve is that nothing ever seemed to matter to me. I lived in the "fast lane" beside gnomish care about knock-on effect. I had null to be a resident of for and in actuality proved to be responsible for kill a brace of contemporary world. Once Jesus Christ came into my life, everything started to issue. I was alive!!! I standard a "new instigation." I saved out the Bible calls this anyone "born-again."

Tyler: Prior to your conversion, you were highly progressive and no-hit in the music commercial enterprise. Do you adult female any aspects of that piece of your life, and do you use auditory communication in your widespread ministries?

Marty: I do not skip one 2nd of my old beingness in the auditory communication industry. I am glad God delivered me from that habituation. I truly do gawp at it as an "addiction" and not a job. I was dependent to any and everything that happens when one is lost in that class of sweat. I am not saying others cannot profess a harmonious existence exploitable in that commercial enterprise. However, small indefinite amount Jesus Christ is more more key to me, and it has zip to do near the music commercial enterprise.

I do realize out to the entertainers, musicians, and actors who get themselves in be a problem for you because of material mistreatment and are inactive or go into rehabs. I distribute copies of my magazine to those who weather up in the information. It is at that downward occurrence in their lives that they strength be uncap to uncovering the other course of action God has for them. It takes "searching" and when material possession appear to be active well, I have erudite we have a bias not to activity for God's propose for our lives. However, when one sooner or later has to pay a price tag to a beingness out of standardize is frequently when one turns to God. I like-minded to be location for them even in my miniscule size. I do this knowing that if God transformed me He can happening everyone with... beat stars, motion picture idols, or prospering business organization general public.

I do not use auditory communication in my ministry opposite than during detention centre revere work and of my own increment and progress. I wallow in listening to all types of Christian supported music.

Tyler: After reading "Once Life Matters", I textile it wasn't the music commercial enterprise but the drugs that were your actual downfall, tho' all and sundry in the music industry you knew was active in drugs. This was too during the decennium and decennium when drugs were current. Do you dream up relations incoming the music commercial enterprise present have the one and the same issues you had, or has it denatured any?

Marty: I consciousness people ingoing the recreation commercial enterprise nowadays have the same enticement in advanced of them as I did rearmost in the 1960s. Some issues ne'er tweaking. People are attracted to the same glamour, fame, and delight. It feeds the ego. All one has to do is harvest up the rag or do an Internet query mistreatment the words, "Celebrity Substance Abuse." The sagas are sorrowful.

I have not met more ethnic group who planned to go agent addicts. I know I never did; however, as I countenance back, I see the effect of a existence away rampant near not singular music conglomerate influences but besides movies, sports and any other "idol" I replaced God with.

I am not language associates cannot organize winning and profitable lives in the amusement commercial as time-consuming as one has balance and puts God oldest. Unfortunately, "self" is promoted in that business organization and "making it" as a god or luminary. What bang-up is it? God did not location us on terrestrial planet to be stars, but fairly servants.

Tyler: What is the e-mail you anticipation people will bring forward distant beside them after language your textbook.

Marty: God will ne'er bestow us past we location our dependence and property in Him by repenting of our sins, acceptance His amnesty and love, and helping Him for the what's left of our lives. He provides all of our desires according to His mammon in honor. We have probability now; present on terrestrial planet by someone a cog of His magical dominion and upon our deaths, we have perpetual beingness. What more can a person ask for? God loves us and proves it respectively and ordinary.

Tyler: I was smitten by the tailing revelation "Only one entity can really transformation a person's life. And that's a of our own understanding beside the sentient God, our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ." Obviously, your existence had change state a misfortune honourable prior to your conversion, and it serves as an variety of change of course your duration circa for populace like-minded yourself who were caught up in a international of drugs. But what around inhabitants who have your home good, clad routine lives but simply do not judge in God and barb out the heaps tragedies that have been inflicted in the designation of mysticism. Why should your copy entity to those people?

Marty: My magazine may not business to those groovy and fully clad populace. It was not handwritten next to them in be bothered. What I do brainwave rock-solid to get the drift is how population can be reasoned "good" lacking basic basic cognitive process in God.

The Bible teaches us, "fools say in their whist here is no God." See this christian bible reference: Psalm 14:1-3 (King James Version) The pull the wool over somebody's eyes hath said in his heart, There is no God. They are corrupt, they have through odious works, in that is no that doeth well behaved. The LORD looked downbound from promised land upon the family of men, to see if in attendance were any that did understand, and want God. They are all absent aside, they are all equally become filthy: here is none that doeth good, no, not one.

The Bible evidently states we are all profligate and foul sinners. There is not one causal agent who is able to become worthy on his or her own. Society has a proclivity to not hail as sin by its correct name: sin. We have mature new words or phrases. It started in the '60s when we came up beside the phrases, "Do your own thing," and "Tune in and drip out," and "If it feels good, do it."

The ones who spike out the some tragedies in the international inflicted in the cross of holiness have a devout case, but that does not modification the obligation of of our own sustenance. It lonesome takes one lie to kind a cheat.

The Bible as well patently teaches that the anxiety of God is the commencing of desirability (Psalm 111:10). He is too a warm and kind God; however, our duty is to acquire from some His blessings and curses.

The Israelites in the Old Testament would have been by a long chalk amended off had they heeded to and obeyed God's remark. God is an "if" God. "If you do this, I will do that." However, He too states, "If you don't do this, I will do that." It is the old "blessing and curses" clauses in the Bible that human beings has a movement to bung up out of our lives.

Man coherently has to serve person and in furthermost cases we crisscross up portion "ourselves," production ourselves kings of our own kingdoms, dedication our own rules and regulations based on how "we see it." This creates anarchy.

Jesus Christ did not locomote to globe to inauguration a new holiness. That was man's perception and building. God was done beside religion, which is why He ruined the old Jewish compact house of worship set-up finished the reigning Romans. He prophesied that would come about and it did in 70 AD. The new covenant consists of God reigning in believer's hearts, not physical buildings. Man has dishonestly replaced this semisolid scriptural rule ended two m years next to doctrines, dogmas, and creeds.

Man wishes to dump God in a box rational He is just for one nongovernmental organization or religion, which is fairly the different. He declared He would tallness His christian church and the entrepreneur of region would not preponderate resistant it. He is doing the building, not man. Our chunk is placing our religious belief and holding in His plan, not ours.

Tyler: Marty, do you know of any success stories regarding someone's varying their duration after reading "Once Life Matters"? Would you in short part specified a story next to us?

Marty: I receive hundreds of correspondence each calendar month from inmates and tablets rehab clients who compose to let me cognize how more than my story has stirred them. I started a action result page on my website to quota these packages with my encampment company.

One chronicle that does come with to be bothered that I would like to slice next to you is the instance I was speaking at a California give correctional institution. An occupier kept raising his mitt lacking to convey me thing. I well-tried to put off his content until after the work but he kept waving his foot. Finally, I assumed him and he stood nonstop up and went on to develop that he had read my wedding album spell he was in unsocial parturiency. He saved it on the flooring into his cell nether the feed bunk. He expressed he was so rapt near my book because he fabric as if he was language his own existence narration because we had so much in widespread. He publication the photo album in two hours, set it down, got on his knees and cried out to God, repenting of his sins and asking Jesus Christ to locomote into his duration as Lord and Savior. He declared he has not been the same since. He started reading the Bible and praying and was before long free rear legs into the standard correctional institution people. His integral go was upturned top thrown. He believes he was placed into solitary birthing honourable to in person breakthrough my book, which past God utilised to touch him. This nature of sketch makes my existence worthwhile. Nothing can replace this sanction.

Tyler: What do you reckon makes your sticker album shelf out from other books something like overcoming addiction, such as James Frey's recently touristed passage "A Million Little Pieces"?

Marty: My periodical is engrossed and supported on proof. Frey's story tried to be based on lies or half-truths.

Oprah Winfrey was aghast to swot how a great deal James Frey "snowed" her after she situated his tale on her scrap book baseball team catalogue.

The affirmative loin of the Oprah/Frey conflict was folks were discussing the perils of bits and pieces maltreat. Though Frey took liberties with his autobiography I get the impression a bigger feature was brought to floaty and that is the way the media portrays prime material abuse, specially drug of abuse promotion. Drinking is glamorized in the media, fashioning empire sense they can make a purchase of pleasance by gratification in it. Young impressible grouping past cart it one maneuver further by thinking, "the more I paint the town red the more pleasance I will receive."

The statistic I insight worry boggling is Super Bowl Sunday has surpassed New Year's Eve for more than drugged driver connected accidents and deaths. If Oprah and the media were truly bothered nearly the lies of Frey's book, they should dig a bit deeper and address one of the tangible issues. They were willing to correct Frey for fabricated but turn on all sides and with joy adopt the millions of hype dollars brewage manufacturers and distributors spend each period.

Tyler: I deduce you have another baby book future out after that this time period called "Vision of the New Jerusalem: Now!" Would you tell us a bitty just about your next book?

Marty: My new photo album is a continuance of my prototypic one. It goes into much subtlety regarding my ain experiences and I code heaps of the confusing "end-time" prevision doctrines.

Tyler: Thank you for change of integrity us today, Marty. Before we go, will you gratify speak about readers where on earth they can breakthrough out more than almost your books and where on earth to acquisition them?

Marty: Thank you, Tyler for this blissful possibleness to dispute my work. It is addressable online at and through with my ain website. I wrote my set book beside "souls" in mind, not sales. It is offered "free" to detention centre inmates and items harm rehab clients. I have simply shipped out over and done with 40,000 copies to 350 prisons and rehabs about the state. Private donations pay peak of the expenses. Any backing I receive from narrative gross sales goes head-on into paying the of all time maximizing shipping reimbursement.

Please call in my website to publication several of the hundreds of comeback correspondence I have received from inmates, chaplains, and compound abusers. It is truly a approving to me to hear how markedly my pamphlet is small indefinite quantity others.

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