With the contemporary writer's strike, in that must be a few others out there wanting for a new Top 10 catalogue. So, from the nest organization in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, here are the:

(followed by the reasons these excuses are feeble)

  1. I'll collect much subsequent (when I build much more capital).
  2. But I genuinely do demand this.
  3. Life is too shortened.
  4. What's other $X?
  5. But I don't deprivation to be cheap!
  6. My friends don't prevention.
  7. Mom and Dad support beside all that.
  8. I wouldn't have any conception what to do near any investment I rescued.
  9. I have so considerably debt!
  10. My married person/wife/partner/accountant/financial someone/mailman/crazy friend/barista/dog is in complaint of my home finances.

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And now the duplicate top 10 sense those excuses are lame:

  1. Did you evoke dictum that two promotions ago?
  2. When was the ultimate time you previously owned it? Okay, how give or take a few where on earth you put it? Do you even own it anymore? Do you recollect what it was?
  3. Then your position may be too prolonged.
  4. Depends on how time-consuming it takes to pay it wager on. Could be copious nowadays $X.
  5. Me neither. Instead, .
  6. Do you genuinely have need of me to move to this? Didn't you have a parent say to you 1,000 modern times increasing up "If all your friends jumped off the bridge, would you?"
  7. Good for you. Count your blessings. When you're done, hit 'em up for something else, similar to a business instruction.
  8. That's what we send for a hot breakdown. When it comes to investing, remember: .
  9. Then you at one time cognize that you call for to pay it off. The lone way to do so? Spending less than you engineer. Doesn't that merciful of clatter similar saving?
  10. You can outsource worship/tax preparation/technical expertise/postal transport/loud music/a plan java/love. But you can ne'er delegate monetary obligation.

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